It is true that any great chef cannot get satisfied with only tasty morsels. Most of the great chefs will want every dish to treat eyes. As a result, you’ll get fine dining restaurants preparing meals that attracts the visitors from both their tasty and looks.

Another thing I have realised from a food blog is that a white plate plays an essential role by giving bright vegetables a centre stage. Other than this, a food blog has made me understand that lemon zest or freshly chopped herbs are not an option when you want to add visual contrast. 

From food blogs, I have come to realise that a beautiful meal is a sign that dish tastes better.

Other than this, for any food blog to stand out, one must take time to prepare its presentation. By observing all these elements, you’ll end up creating a good-looking food blog with recipes that taste better.

Consistent Themes

One thing I have learned from food blogs is that a busy site is in a position of distracting readers from its recipes. However, you can keep your website looking consistent if you follow the three elements covered above. Here, I mean that you need to restrict yourself to only three brand fonts and three brand colours.

Remember that the colour scheme of your little kitchen must include a white foundation. Also, it is essential to accent this foundation with vibrant yellow and modern charcoal. The main reason to use the white space is to give your website an airy and fresh look. The yellow colour is crucial for drawing cheerful attention to your essential recipe features.

The font pairing of a food blog must include essential features which are accented by a playful cursive for easy identification of the major sections.

You’ll realise that consistent use of all these elements together with photos play an essential role in bringing the website together beautifully.

Pleasant Photos

I also realised that photography plays an essential role in any food blog. Here, every blogger needs to incorporate brand colours and even include their the name of their food blog on the image to be shared on social media.

Novel Navigation

Navigation of the food blog is another essential thing that every food blogger need to check on while considering the design elements.

Yes, you need to make your navigation intuitive but also remember not to make it boring. Try to include an interactive element that will end up making searching for your website fun and easy.

This feature plays an essential role in adding excitement to your homepage. Other than this, it is a perfect option that keeps with the festive decoration of the website.