The latest research shows that most of the food bloggers write restaurant reviews, hence meaning it is easy to get one to review a restaurant. The most popular food bloggers record thousands of unique customers every month. Also, these bloggers are in a position of creating serious hype in each place they recommend.

So, how can you get a food blogger to review a restaurant? How can you entice these bloggers to come to your or any other restaurant? Worry no more! I have the right answer for you in this article.

1. Start By Creating A Relationship With The Blogger

First, avoid sending any food blogger an email. They always receive several of these emails, and they never take them seriously. Therefore, a personal approach is the most preferred way to go for.

Here, you’ll find that most bloggers are so active on social media, hence an advantage for you. Twitter is the most common social media platform where you’ll get these bloggers being so aggressive. Therefore, you can easily connect with any food blogger through their twitter accounts.

Start creating the relationship by sending them messages via Twitter and also don’t forget to comment on their blogs. After creating this relationship, you’ll now give these bloggers a gentle nudge and then request them to visit your restaurant or any other desired restaurant.

Don’t start by asking them to review the restaurant. First, create an experience that will make them begin reviewing the restaurant even without your request.

2. Monetary Incentives And Freebies

You’ll realise that most of the food bloggers get nothing back from their food blog. However, you’ll have to pay something if you invite influential food bloggers since they depend on their blogs for daily upkeep.

Avoid offering money to the food bloggers if you want to escape from the danger zone. The best way to win them is to provide an experience, a free meal or a drink. During this process, these bloggers will be ready to review your restaurant even without asking them to do so. This is better for you in the long run!

3. Considering Relevance Is Another Good Approach

You’ll realise that most of the food bloggers don’t write about meals in a general way. Most of them write food blogs from a certain angle. For example, they’ll focus on different niches such as health foods, Asian cuisine, and many more.

Therefore, it is essential to do some research before approaching any food blogger. For those running a BBQ restaurant, avoid going for a vegetarian food blogger. For those with a bakery making the best doughnuts, consider going for a food blogger who writes reviews about sweet delights.