A food blogger is a nice person with many commitments and a busy schedule, perhaps. However, food bloggers receive several questions from time to time – from where they buy some of their foods to why they eat certain foods or drink something since they lead to some disease. One thing everyone needs to note is that food bloggers love what they do, and they do what they love.

Sometimes it becomes challenging for food bloggers to answer questions from their lovely readers.  Some readers end up making these food bloggers to cry tears of joy, and others end up thanking heavens for blessing them with such type of task. Others make these bloggers want to hit themselves over their heads with an oily skillet.

Every food blogger loves answering comments and emails from their lovely readers – except when required to solve the reader’s wicked complicated health problems. Some of the questions you should stop asking food bloggers include:

1.  How many calories are present in that serving? 

This question is reasonable to ask, but not to a food blogger. You have to note that a food blogger doesn’t have enough time or they’re not responsible for calculating the number of calories present in a specific recipe.

2. Will that recipe taste the same if I substitute some of its ingredients? 

Never ask this question to a food blogger. You must note that a food blogger makes a specific recipe using the listed ingredients. Therefore, if you want to make any substitute, let be at your own risk. Yes, food bloggers love learning, but you have to note that they cannot predict the future.

3. Can I order for you?

Remember that a food blogger has a food blog. But if you have to ask this question, go for a different approach. For example, you can ask the food blogger if it’s okay to tag their recipe on your Instagram.

4. Is It possible to post each meal you eat per day, and why?

No food blogger will take this question positively because of how it sounds. It is not good to monitor someone’s diet.

5. Is it possible to post your recipe on my blog, but I include other ingredients?

You should not ask this question since it’s not good to post another person’s work somewhere without giving them credit.

6. What is the right amount of calories to consume per day?

Nutrition is a personal thing, but if you need to ask this question, make it via email so that the blogger will its schedule an appointment.

7. I’m allergic to every ingredient in this recipe. Are there other favourable substitutes?

Never ask this question since the blogger will not tell the effect of different spins you’re likely to add.

8. Can you share advice on how I can create a successful food blog?

This question requires a lengthy response which will take time for the blogger to answer, hence not reasonable to ask.

9. Do you have to use a microwave will all its adverse effects?

Never ask this question since you can always look for a good alternative for you.

10. Can I tweak a specific ingredient in your recipe This question is not applicable since every blogger’s recipe is unique .