Food & Drinks

O ur simple blackboard menu at Franco Choo’s offers honest Italian food which respects ingredients and avoids fussiness, yet often yields something unexpected. The menu is written up with a small but varied selection of entrees, mains, desserts and side dishes. It changes on the whole monthly but may be updated to suit market availability. The menu on the night you dine with us may have changed from the one you see online, especially during monthly phase in periods.

There are usually two vegetarian dishes or dishes that can be made to suit on the menu and we can accommodate most dietary requirements with some notice. Because our menu is small, it is best to give us a call to discuss your preferences when you are making a booking.

A 10% surcharge applies on public holidays.

Tuesday-Saturday 5:30-6:30pm
Selected beer & wine $6
Selected cocktails $10
Salami board $20

2 courses $40 per person, 3 courses $50, including a complimentary glass of wine.
Tuesday-Thursday 5:45-6:00pm booking, 7:30pm leave time;
Friday-Saturday 5:30-6:00pm bookings, tables reserved for 90 minutes;
Available for up to 6 people. Spaces are limited.

Tonight’s Menu

Dine in, Takeaway*

Roasted beetroot, onion puree, olive crumbs, truffle pecorino (v) 16
Risotto, cotechino sausage, blood orange, taleggio, thyme 16
Spaghetti alla chitarra, bottarga, capers, breadcrumbs 16
Slow-cooked Wagyu beef intercostals in red wine, pickled celery, celeriac puree 31
Roasted spring lamb shoulder alla Romana, Jerusalem artichokes, baked semolina 31
Vialone nano risotto alla primavera, spring risotto, peas, saffron, pistachio (vegetarian main option) 26
Millefoglie, puff pastry, chocolate custard, rhubarb 12
Spice panna cotta, sbrisolona, pear 12

Menu subject to change
(v) vegetarian or can be made to suit

On Friday & Saturday, set price menu,
Two courses $47
Three courses $60


L ike our food menu, the drinks list is tight and concise, leaving you with more time to enjoy the night and less time spent on scrutinising the list. It features a hand-picked selection of hard-to-find beers and wines sourced from boutique producers. Try a Friulano or become acquainted with Aglianico.

Having a small list is driven by practicality. We just don’t have much storage space. Even though our list is compact, we make regular changes to our wine selection. The beer range also varies depending on brewing runs and supplies available in the local marketplace. Occasionally there may be a wine vintage change, but when this occurs, we never ‘roll over’ to a new vintage without having assessed it first. Sometimes a wine may be unavailable for this reason. If your beverage of choice is not available, we’ll point you in the direction of an alternative.

Some varieties and regions may not be familiar to you. We can demystify the choices and help you discover something new to suit different tastes and occasions. Please note: We are fully-licensed and do not offer BYO.


Our list changes regularly. Sample only.